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Club Secretary

AGM - Tuesday 19th January

7:30 pm.

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Results' Secretary

Results Secretary Deputy

Officials' Co-ordinator

Youth Development League Representative


Descriptions for other roles to follow shortly

Club Secretary

The Club Secretary is responsible for day to day communication with the committee and general organisation of the club’s affairs for example; setting the dates for the committee meetings, putting together the agenda,(there is a list of what needs raising when in the year!), typing up the minutes, liaising with IOMAA and UKA when required, and being the general information person when the committee or members need information or a problem resolving. Basically the role is one of a general co-ordinator! If you are interested and have questions please Facebook message Kate Lashley directly or enquire through Club's website with following link - 

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Youth Development League Representative

"This is such a lovely role and one which I have enjoyed immensely." - Kate Lashley, retiring official
Athletes are chosen from all three athletic clubs to form one IOM Team - Team IOM.
The team travels to England 4 times over the summer months - this year logistics may be different because the team was promoted after a fantastic performance.
You ideally will enjoy athletics and have a good idea about our U13 and U15 athletes, both their abilities and their general attitude - it’s a team event and they will be expected to fill gaps and help out in disciplines they may not be wonderful at! For example spinters may be asked to run the 800m, putt a shot and do a bit of high jump in their first U13 year. 
Reps meet four times - once a couple of weeks before each trip but this is sometimes done by messenger if it’s a bit busy.  At present 3 training sessions are also planned so the kids can pop down to the NSC and have a go at any event they would like to try - these are scheduled to take place on a weekend morning.
If you are an official then you can travel free with the team as a helper (officials are needed and the team gets points for each official) and we are required to bring along a certain number of officials.
Watching the team progress and seeing the kids bond as a team and support each other is something that is brilliant to watch and really makes you smile.
The club would be there to support you and Kate would be happy to answer any questions at any time if you would like to take on the role. 
If you would like to become an official, the club would be happy to support this - it’s a day to get your level one track or field qualification and then you need to be signed off at four competitions which is very easy. 
"Seeing the children develop and progress is just lovely and I am very very sad to say a necessary goodbye to this role" - Kate.


Officials' Co-ordinator

This is so much easier than it was due to the introduction of the IOMAA’s Inter-Club League for the U13 and above age groups with our league results taken from these competition nights.
NAC take part in the IOM track league at the NSC over the summer months - dates are on the fixtures’ list.

Each club has to provide a certain number of qualified officials usually from each discipline; starter, track, field and timekeeper.
Knowing how many officials are needed at what level is useful, and Kate Lashley can help with this at the beginning. Information is also readily available from the IOMAA  who are responsible for allocating this. Laising and communicating with the organising team is really important but everyone is lovely and welcoming.
You may also need to book the NSC for our championship event and fill out the NSC’s equipment list but the track office are very helpful - everyone generally is.

NAC also host the cross country once or twice a season depending on the rota and as there is a new requirement for an endurance official we must ensure that we have someone who is qualified available.

There is a list of qualified officials available on the Island and Bridget Kaneen is very helpful - our new ADO, Mikey Haslett will also be a good contact.

Any questions at all about the Officials’ Co-ordinator please pm Kate Lashley on Facebook or message via Club's Facebook via this link -

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Facebook/Media/Marshals Coordinator

This role involves running the Facebook  pages for The Fireman’s Run series (Ramsey) which are held during the months of October to March and The Park Run series (at Mooragh Park) which are held April to July. It also includes posting on Northern Athletic Club Facebook page and other athletic Facebook pages about other road races/events Northern Athletic Club hold during the year. 

The role involves posting info on date and time of races/events, requests for marshals, reminders for the races/events, info on sign on/registration, race number collection etc.

The Marshal Coordinator role as well as requesting for marshals involves being a point of contact for the marshals, allocating slots to the marshals for each event & briefing the marshals on race day.

Maura Kelly will be happy to answer any questions you have if you are interested in taking on this role.


Results Secretary

This role involves  creation of master results sheets for events held on a  Wednesday at RGS during the track and field season.   Data inputting from master results sheets for publication to Facebook and the website. Allocating points for the final track league positions.
If interested please contact Michelle Sherry for more details.