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Reimbursements for individual Club athletes competing off-Island

Please read the Club's Reimbursement Policy below before making a claim for expenses incurred from travelling off-Island to athletic competitions.

The policy covers individual athletes who are Club members. Please read both documents before making a claim.

The Club is not committed in future years to reimburse the amounts in the table detailed in the Policy and the percentage covered may vary from year to year. However the percentage covered will be declared in advance before the start of the calendar year, so that athletes are aware of the amount available for the forthcoming year.

This year we are pleased to advise that the Club will cover 100% of the amounts detailed in the attached Policy. The actual amounts in the Table will therefore apply for the 2024/25 Season

It may also be possible to receive a contribution for your travel costs from Isle of Man Athletics (IOMA) - see link below:

To make a claim, click on link below, which will bring up the claim form. Just complete this form and click on the "submit" button at the bottom, when finished.

It will help to have a record of all your costs before you start, as well as the payee name required on the Club cheque. If the request is approved, the cheque will be sent to the address inputted in the attached form.

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