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Historic Ramsey to Andreas Road Run and Walk

(Part of Andreas Sports day)

Saturday 15th June - 1 pm start for Walk Race - 1:30 pm start for Run.

These races are open to all abilities and everyone will be made welcome.


Walk Race - Register before 12:45 pm, on the day.

Run - Register before 1:15 pm, on the day.

Course Distance - 4.5 miles (7.2 km).


Entrants will be briefed 15 minutes before each race for any health and safety, etc. issues.

Cost for both races - £3 if member of an Athletic Club and £4 if unattached.

Since this is a road race, entrants have to be in Year 10 or older.

If you would like your tops etc, not needed for the actual race, brought for you to Andreas, or would like a lift back to Ramsey after the event, please text Neil Vondy on 274498 or leave comment on Club's Facebook.

Course Directions - Start:



Course Directions:


Course Directions - Finish:



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