Ramsey Bakery Firemen's Run

The Ramsey Bakery  Firemen's Course

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The Competition is open for the following age groups:

  • Age 16 and above on day of race



St. Paul's Church Hall,

Start/Finish of all Races - Dale Street



Online entries via My Race Results website only.

For individual races, entry opens approximately 1 week before, number to be picked up on the night of the race from 6.15pm

Sign on

For race series numbers can be collected from St Pauls Hall on TUESDAY 5th October from 7 – 9 pm. If you have your number for the series you just need to turn up at the start line and run when the whistle goes for your race.


For individual races, number to be picked up from St Paul’s Hall on the evening of the race from 6 pm.


Dates for Competition Nights:

7th October

4th November,

2nd December,

6th January,

3rd February

and 3rd March.



Entry for the whole race series is £30 for affiliated club member, £40 for unaffiliated or non club members, and £15 for those in full time education.  


WE ARE REQUESTING THAT ALL RUNNERS ARE REQUIRED TO MARSHAL AT LEAST ONCE IN THE SERIES.  THIS CAN BE YOURSELF OR A NOMINATED REPLACEMENT IF YOU WISH TO RUN.  There may be more marshals than we need for the series but if we request you to marshal and this request is unfulfilled then you will not be eligible to collect a T-shirt at the end of the series.  



You only need to sign on if:

  • You have lost your number, in which case you will need to pay £5 for an ankle chip, which must be returned at the end of the race.

  • You are collecting your number

  • You wish to switch from 1 to 3 laps or vice versa.

  • You wish to marshal the event




This is a popular series of races held for many years by Northern Athletic Club and kindly sponsored by Ramsey Bakery.

There is a choice of 1 or 3 lap race, the 1 lap race is 1.55 miles and the 3 lap race is 4.65 miles.


To qualify for a t-shirt you must have sign up in advance to run or marshal in all 6 races.  You can request a modification to your entry before the start of each round (so if you want to switch from running to marshalling and vice-versa for that round you can).

Races will start in the following order with a two minute interval:

1.   1 lap men (7:00 pm)
2.   1 lap women (7:02 pm)
3.   3 lap men (7:04 pm)
4.   3 lap women (7:06 pm)


RACE FINISHES: At the start position in Dale Street.

The roads around the start/finish position will be closed to traffic except for emergency access.

We are using chip numbers this year and electronic timing therefore you must wear your number and please do not cover it or fold it in any way and you must cross the timing mat in order for your time to be registered.


The start and finish is in Dale Street shortly after the Old Swimming Pool. Please keep your number as you will need this for each race. Please remember to fill your name, emergency contact, doctor's details, medical info on the back.




There will be a briefing just before the start of the races in St Paul's Hall, this is for your safety so please listen carefully. Marshals’ instructions must be followed.


The races are marshalled by volunteers, so if you would like to get involved please let us know, you would be most welcome. We really hope you will enjoy the series and the lovely cup of tea or coffee back at St Paul's Hall afterwards.

At the end of the series on the last race night there is a friendly get together for the prize presentation and a chance to chat and relax with a buffet provided.

This is a points based league with best 4 races out of 6.

There will also be a sealed handicap system with prizes for the top 3 male and female athletes in the 1 and 3 lap races.


Under 11's


 -(no reflective hi viz

= Disqualification)